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Introducing the Silhouette™ &SILHOUETTE Silhouette II™

PC Revolution!!

The Silhouette and Silhouette II are revolutionary PCs. They deliver the high performance you require of a SILHOUETTE II......click here for a larger image.standard desktop system, but in the same space as an LCD monitor.  The Silhouette is easily expandable, allowing effortless upgrades.  The Silhouette supports the most demanding office and home requirements.

Gets rid of nearly all unsightly cables! 



Our design objectives were stringent: Silhouette Silhouette II
bulletA compact computer system with maximum performance.  
Click here for a larger image. Please bear with us.

This page is still under development.  New photos are on the way.

Supports  the newest technologies using high-speed USB 2.0 ports for digital camera, scanners, printer and data storage devices, like our 1Gb DataDevil™. Click here for a larger image.
bulletThe ultimate in reliability, made with the highest quality parts and craftmanship.
Click here for a larger image.
bulletReclaim your desk space for more important things.
Click here for a larger image.
bulletFull featured and expandable to support future upgrades.
Click here for a larger image.
bulletPractical for every professional environment ... reception desk ... an apartment ... a dorm room ... even RVs and boats.
Click here for a larger image.
bulletAs cordless as possible!
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