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We Want You To Know!

Unfortunately, in many industries, there are ways to deceitfully offer products at prices that appear too good to be true, while increasing profits all the more.  This is true in the computer and electronics industry, as well.  

Be assured, Digital Systems & Applied Technologies, Inc., iQuickNet, LLC and Computer Country WILL NEVER stoop to such tactics!

There are too many ways to deceive the customer when purchasing computer related products to describe here, but we'd like you to be aware of some of the most prominent ways customers can be cheated. 

Here are some things to be on the look out for:

bulletMultiple shipping labels on the product box.  This could indicate that it has been returned as defective, or "repaired" and then offered again for sale as new.
bulletBeware of software sold as only a CD ROM, with no packaging, manual or certificate of authenticity.  It could be pirated or an illegal copy.
bulletKnow your prices!  Most products sold at chain stores, big box stores and "discount" warehouse type stores are actually sold at MSRP* or HIGHER! *Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
bulletAsk about the differences between the "business grade" product and the "consumer grade" product.  Many manufacturers make products that are only sold at "big box stores" or "discount warehouse" stores.   These products often differ significantly in quality from their business grade products, yet you only save $20 to $30.
bulletBe sure you are buying the latest version of software.  Some stores sell older software versions.  Imagine if you purchased Microsoft Office 2000 after the latest version called Office XP has been released.  Now if you want the XP version, you have to spend more money for the upgrade.


bulletIs the product you are buying labeled as "OEM"?  Some software, particularly those "lite versions" bundled with hardware components are sold separately.  There is no technical support for these products and often they won't work with the components you have in your computer.
bullet"OEM  Product To Be Sold With A New PC". It is a license agreement violation to purchase software sold "as is" that's labeled as such.
bulletLook for expiration dates on printer ink cartridges and toner kits.  Many chain stores sell such products on the verge of expiration.  This could cause printer damage,  cause a mess inside your printer or rob you of the normal number of printed pages you should get because the ink has evaporated, gelled or clotted.
bulletDoes the product you just purchased have missing pieces?  Things like power cables, manuals, software media, warranty registration cards.  Maybe the product you just purchased was returned by a previous customer.  It may be a refurbished product.

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