The following table illustrates how  many minutes various sized UPSs from APC support different computer configurations:
Back-UPS 300          Min
Desktop 486                16
w/ 15" monitor
Desktop Pentium        14
w/ 15" monitor
Tower Pentium  II          8
w/ 15" monitor
Tower Pentium II          6
w/ 17" monitor
Tower Pentium III          3
w/ 19" monitor

Back-UPS 500
Desktop 486                21
w/ 15" monitor
Desktop Pentium        19
w/ 15" monitor
Tower Pentium  II        11
w/ 15" monitor
Tower Pentium II        10
w/ 17" monitor
Tower Pentium III          6
w/ 19" monitor

So, what do they cost?  Back-UPS 300:  $129
Back-UPS 500:  $169

What's New at Computer Country?

    This has been a quick paced and exciting year so far at Computer Country!  For example, Computer Country has recently been awarded as a Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Center and Warranty Service Center!  This means that you can bring your HP computers, printers and scanners to Computer Country  for repairs and service.  More importantly for our customers, we are able to service your HP equipment which may still be under warranty.  This is a very important achievement and a wonderful offering to our customers.  Previously, owners of HP products which were still under war

ranty had to ship their products to Authorized Warranty Service Centers located in neighboring states.  Now you can bring them to Computer Country!  This is a wonderful addition to the ever growing list of manufacturers we are authorized to service.
    Another bit of exciting news is our growing staff.  We have some new employees we are sure you will want to meet.  Next time you visit us, be sure to meet Penny, our new office manager!  She is a bright addition to our staff who will be glad to help you find just the right products you need and assure they meet your requirements.  Penny is also very adept in helping you locate

those hard to find items, as well.
    You will also want to be sure to meet  Dick.  He joined us at the start of this year as a certified PC and printer technician.  Dick joins Bill in our service department which has been every busy lately.
    When you or your place of business calls Computer Country looking for competitive pricing and immediate delivery of products and supplies, you will then meet our new sales representatives who will be glad to help you.
    It has been an exciting year so far.  We look forward to helping you meet your needs.