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Easy to order:  Just call Computer Country, Inc. at 301-953-0495 or stop by our store in Fulton Station.  


Our on-line store will be available soon.  Until then, we have selected just a few of the many products we carry, to promote on this page.

Certainly, we carry many, many more products at great prices...in most instances, our pricing and product diversity is better than the "big-box stores!"

The holiday season is upon us.  Below are a few examples of our great pricing.  Computer Country Inc. recommends these products based on their technical excellence, value, and ease of use.

     Silhouette I             Silhouette II

The Silhouette and Silhouette II are revolutionary PCs. They deliver the high performance you require of a standard desktop system, but literally in the same space of a LCD monitor.  The Silhouette is easily expandable, allowing effortless upgrades.  The Silhouette supports the most demanding office and home requirements. Call or visit us for more details and learn about all the possible configurations!  


15" KDS Radius Rad-5BLK Flat panel display - TFT -  1024 x 768 / 75 Hz - 0.3 mm, wall-mountable, 3 Yr Mfrs Warranty. #781854 

Your cost:  $326.00 


17" KDS Radius RAD-7c - Flat panel display - TFT - 17" - 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz - 0.26 mm, speakers, 3 Yr Mfrs Warranty. # 781941 

Your cost:  $448.50


HEWLETT-PACKARD Business Inkjet 1100d - Printer - color - ink-jet - Legal & Letter - 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi - 23 ppm (mono) / 20 ppm (color) - Parallel / USB, 1 Yr Mfrs Warranty. # 846563  

Your cost: $228.75


HEWLETT-PACKARD - HP PhotoSmart 7760 - Printer - color - ink-jet - Legal (8.5 in x 14 in), A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in) - 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi - 13 ppm (mono) / 12 ppm (color) - USB, 1 Yr Mfrs Warranty.  # 254211  

Your cost: $177.50.                                   


Logitech Pocket Digital camera - 0.35 Mpix / 1.3 Mpix (interpolated). Capture the action anywhere up to 52 images at 1.3 megapixels each. Its Autobrite technology gives you bright the lights and dim details, so you always see the whole picture. Logitech Pocket Digital - it fits in your pocket, and fits life in the fast lane. # 442869    

Your cost: $95.00.


HEWLETT-PACKARD  PhotoSmart 635xi - Digital camera - 2.1 Mpix. HP Photosmart 635 series digital camera with HP Instant Share. 2.1 MP total resolution and 12x total zoom (3x optical, 4x digital). HP Instant Share - the easy and fast way to send photos to email addresses, printers, and more - with video-clip capture with audio feature. Use the automatic or manual controls to create the results you want. Printing your photos is easy and fun - just print directly from your camera to an HP Photosmart printer or select HP all-in-one - no computer is required. # 254215

Your cost: $176.00.


HEWLETT-PACKARD PhotoSmart 935xi 5.3 Mpix - Digital camera - . HP PhotoSmart 935xi with HP instant share. With 5.3 MP total resolution and up to 21x total zoom (Pentax 3x optical lens, 7x digital) your photos will be extremely sharp - delivering beautiful enlargements up to 20 x 30 inches. And with HP instant share you can select on your camera where photos will go the next time you dock or connect to your PC - like e-mail addresses or printers! Automatic or manual controls ensure you get the results you want - with the assistance of on-camera help wizards. You can even record memories in motion and sound using the video-clip with audio feature. The optional HP PhotoSmart 8886 camera dock that connects easily to your PC or TV, includes a remote control for viewing photos, and recharges your camera batteries. # 254202    

Your Cost: $382.50.


LEXAR JumpDrive Secure - Flash memory - USB With 

Guard security software your confidential data will remain password protected, even if someone else tries to use your JumpDrive. It enables you to divide your JumpDrive into two different areas, or zones. The public zone has no password protection and is accessible by anyone using your JumpDrive. The private zone is password-protected so no one can open, copy, or write files to it without entering the correct password. 

#833612  1 x 128 MB - USB     Your Cost: $39.50.

#833613  1 x 256 MB - USB     Your Cost: $74.50.

#833722  1 x 512 MB - USB     Your Cost: $155.50.  


 CREATIVE Nomad IIc - Digital player / voice recorder - NOMAD IIc offers voice recording, upgradeable technology, and plenty of features designed specifically for your active lifestyle. NOMAD IIc supports standard MP3, WMA, and WAV digital audio formats and it is geared for access to future audio formats, too. SDMI-compliance offers standards support and potential access to label-released content. Upgradeable technology allows new features and enhancements to be downloaded to it when available. With NOMAD IIc, you can keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital music and be on the cutting edge of digital audio technology. #742621

Your Cost: $99.50. 


For more suggestions, click here.

Remember: Call us at 301-953-0495 for more information on these or any other product you are considering.  We are committed to making your holiday gift search quick and easy.  Ask for Penny, Chuck or Charlie for help and info! 





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