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Data Recovery

DSAT knows how valuable your data is to you and the success of your business.  Losing data is not an option.  DSAT is committed to helping you when disaster strikes.  Whether your systems experience a hard drive crash, corruption from software or a computer virus, human error or a natural disaster, DSAT will work with you to recover your data.  

We have 18+ years of industry experience that will prove invaluable when its time to recover your data and possibly save your business.  

We offer both data recovery and forensic recovery for litigation proceedings.  When data is reported "lost", DSAT will quickly evaluate the situation and respond.  Whether you need to have data recovered or repaired, determine if data has been altered, or are in need of expert testimony regarding computer investigation and the actual data recovery, DSAT can help you!

Data recovery covers all of the following:

bulletOperating Systems (Win95/98/Me, WinNT, WinXP, MS DOS, Mac, UNIX, Linux, & others)
bulletHard drives (Server, Laptop, Desktop, HP, IBM, Macintosh, etc.)
bulletRAID recovery
bulletLegal Forensics
bulletRemovable Media (DataDevil, ZIP, DVD, JAZ, SD, MMC and MemorySticks, etc.)
bulletDatabase Recovery (e.g. Oracle and SQL)
bulletDigital Cameras
bulletExchange/Mail Recovery

Tapes (4mm, 8mm, 3480, 3490E, 9-track reel to reel and more)


A word of caution:  If you suspect data loss or destruction, STOP immediately.  Do not attempt any "heroic efforts" to recover the data yourself, this may just worsen the situation.  Call us immediately for help.


Certified Facility and Technical Staff:


Class 100 Clean Room

bulletCertified Fraud Examiners
bulletHigh Tech Crime Investigation Assoc.
bulletAccredited MCLE Course
bulletMicrosoft Security Partner
bulletTechnology Business Council

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