A government contractor had been collecting data from an interplanetary satellite for several years.  The success of the satellite had been unprecedented.  It had outlived all expectations and was traveling farther into space than any satellite in US history, all while sending new data and imagery to Earth.

DSAT had been providing various technical services to this contractor for several years.  Our relationship over the years was very good.  We were providing technical support and repair services for their computer center and administrative offices.  We had assisted them on various projects over the years.  One day we received a very frantic telephone call.

The client asked if we can perform data recovery from a crashed hard drive.  We cautioned that there are several techniques we can apply to attempt data recovery, but it really depends upon what happened and how badly the data storage media is damaged.  The client was very somber and explained that all this data had been collected and is irreplaceable.  "The data was priceless.", he said.  Unfortunately, they had not created any backups of the data collected.  

For years, the information had been available to researchers, physicists, and other scientists for research and analysis and their results had been published in numerous scientific journals around the world.   The client is a leader in scientific research and globally recognized for their contributions to science, but they fell prey to inevitable hardware failure.

Fortunately for our client, we were able to recover 97% of their lost data.  Now, they back up their data routinely.