A billionaire banker and  philanthropist had offices and residences in several countries around the world.  He conducted his business with clients and his associates in one-on-one meetings and over the telephone.  Many business deals were made over a handshake.  His concern was that his offices were in clear view of neighboring skyscrapers where potential business competitors could easily engage in various forms of electronic surveillance to listen in on confidential conversations.  His telephone conversations with corporate executives, if overheard, could result in business deals being compromised.  His security staff hired DSAT to assess the facilities, determine points of vulnerability and make recommendations to protect the security of these business activities.

DSAT visited the facilities and carried out its evaluation and assessment of his offices, boardrooms, residences, limousines and all modes of communication.  In addition to the regular bug-sweeps performed in his offices, several solutions were recommended.  One recommendation was custom installation of NoiseBathTM technology at several sites to effectively provide counter-electronic surveillance protection, as well as a portable system to provide protection no matter where he was.  The implementation of secure telephone equipment and cell phones would prevent conversations being over-heard by unauthorized listeners.

Corporate and international espionage is a real threat.  Clearly, over 28 nations have announced their participation and endorsement of corporate espionage.  All businesses, regardless of their industry, are vulnerable.  Intellectual property is often the major asset of a company. Protecting it should be of utmost importance.  In today's age of high technology, bio-chemical research and international trade, every industry must protect itself, even from those thought to be friendly.

Our experience reveals that every industry is target, whether your business is finance, building supplies, automobile manufacturing, genetic research, pharmaceuticals, or matters of national security.