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Look at the needs of business today.  You will see some unique problems they face, but you will also see many common issues, as well.


DSAT's analytic approach to  addressing business IT requirements has resulted in solutions which have decreased expenses, increased revenues, improved customer relations, and expanded production and capabilities.


There are also the times when we have been the "knight in shining armor", saving the day ... keeping a business alive.  We have recovered lost data worth millions, prevented a manufacturing plant from shutting down due to unknown computing problems, and kept business intelligence and strategies out of the hands of competitors and adversaries. 


This is what DSAT is all about ...  and why DSAT should be your partner.  We start with technology and lessons learned from many industries.


On the Business Side...

On the Technology Side...

Strategy and Policy Development IT Security Assessment
Business Process Definition IT Architecture Engineering
Requirements Analysis Corporate-wide Networking
Streamlining Client Management Branch Office Connectivity
Improving Billing Procedures Securing Network Access
Corporate Intelligence Internet Solutions
Disaster Preparedness Secured Wireless Networking
Disaster Recovery Wireless Broadband Technology
HIPPA Compliance for IT Virtual Private Networks
IT Help Desk IT Technical Support

We provide innovative solutions to the problems and situations our clients present us with.  We can do the same for you.

Some Case Studies


Situation:  A medium sized medical practice with 9 locations across three counties, 12 physicians and a staff of 50 needed reliable access to medical records, clinical lab results and billing information.  read more

Situation:  A government contractor collecting data from an inter-planetary satellite.  All of a sudden, decades worth of data is gone. read more


Situation:   A US Navy contractor has collected and stored classified sonar data for analysis and research.  The data was stored on antiquated 9-track tape occupying the space of a football field.  They needed to convert the data into a more compact and manageable medium for analysts.  read more


Situation:  An architectural engineering company locates itself in a historic building that was formally a bottling plant.  It was beautifully refurbished and remodeled inside.  A problem arose, its corporate meetings and intellectual property were at risk.  read more

Situation:  Billionaire banker and philanthropist needed assurances that his executive offices, business meetings, and communications are secure against eavesdropping by competitors.  read more

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