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About Us...

DSAT, founded in 1985, is the Information Technology (IT) provider of choice for clients who expect to maximize their  IT investments and business productivity.  We provide products and services world-wide.  DSAT is built on strong character and is proud of its reputation of delivering excellent service, broad industry experience and solutions to improve the business process of our clients.

DSAT unites proven industry experience, the best technologies and innovative solutions to allow business and government to focus on their core competencies.  Your improved operations and bottom line is important to us.

bulletReturn on investment (ROI) is measured in improved productivity, expanding capabilities, cost savings and increased revenues.  DSAT offers this to its clients.
bulletBased on more than just technology, a successful  IT project requires innovative application of technology to benefit business processes.
bulletSound ideas, expert implementation and applying the knowledge gained from the breadth of industries we have serviced is the key to our success.


Over nearly two decades, we have evolved in the Information Technology  industry to be far more than just another computer products supplier.  Our reputation, staff and consultants are nationally recognized for their scientific, business, and technical contributions and achievements.  Our staff continually receives training on new products and technologies to meet the growing needs of our clients.  

Asset, acoustic and information security has been an area of expertise for DSAT for a long time.  Since 9/11, security has received a lot of press, however, DSAT has addressed security issues for over a decade! NoiseBathTM technology, one of our contributions, has been developed and available to government, military and the corporate world for years.

Other product development efforts have yielded unique products to solve crucial issues.  DSAT's SilhouetteTM computer systems take up little space, yet provide tremendous capability and capacity.  The DataDevilTM allows you to keep your important data and programs with you, where ever you go ... in a device that fits on your key chain.

We offer our IT products and services not only to the corporate and government sectors, but to small businesses as well!  We believe small businesses need the same technical products and support the "big guys" do - just on a smaller scale.  This country is powered by small business. We aim to be as helpful to them as we are to our larger clients!

DSAT excels in developing cost-effective solutions and offering competitively priced products and services to business and government agencies, large and small alike.  Our solutions development and products have benefited a broad spectrum of industries including:

bulletHealth Care
bulletLegal Offices
bulletInsurance Brokerages
bulletVeterinary Care
bulletReal Estate
bulletScientific and Medical Research
bulletHealth Administration & Billing
bulletInterplanetary Exploration
bulletLaw Enforcement

Your industry can be next!

Through our ability to negotiate favorable contracts with national suppliers and distributors, we are able to offer very competitive pricing for all 300,000+ products we carry.  As a  result of effective collaborative supply chain management, we have increased  product/inventory efficiencies that drive the costs of the IT supply chain down.  We draw from over 425 million square feet of inventory and warehouse space!

OUR MISSION:  Our mission is simple: provide the best product, service,  technical advice and support to business - large and small - at  competitive and fair prices.  

We help you achieve success by providing the tools and capabilities necessary  to be competitive and profitable.   


Your business is important to us.  We want you to be smart about The Business Of Business!  Click here to learn more!

Success is a collaborative effort.

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