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Who We Are

The people at DSAT focus their experience, broad  industry knowledge, technological insight and innovative skills on each client's unique business requirements to achieve maximum returns from IT investments.

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Innovation By Design

DSAT makes good ideas happen.  Our SilhouetteTM PC is a good example of how to maximize desk space, minimize clutter, and optimize productivity.  The DataDevilTM allows you to keep up to 1Gb of data in your pocket. learn more

Information Technology

Technology is only a portion of any solution.  Though we draw from over 1,700 manufacturers' products, it is the way we merge them into your business processes that makes the difference.

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Asset & Information Security

DSAT offers consulting services to help protect your assets and information from theft or espionage.  Our StealthFrameTM  and  NoiseBath technologies help protect  corporate information, law enforcement activities, military planning, national security, Homeland Security discussions, diplomatic meetings, and embassy conferences.

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Corporate and Government Supplier of IT Products and Services

Digital Systems & Applied Technologies carries over 300,000 products from over 1,700 manufacturers to meet the requirements of your IT projects and corporate growth.  DSAT is a premier supplier of computer products, hardware, software, supplies and accessories.  We ship from over 20 warehouses nationwide which assures prompt delivery. learn more

Internet Service Provider

DSAT's Internet Services Division offers nationwide internet access.  We provide high-speed communications via T-3, T-1, DSL, ISDN and accelerated Dial-up.  iQuickNetTM offers secure remote access to main offices and can integrate multiple office locations with secure WAN connections to improve productivity and reduce costs.

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NoiseBath Technology Makes Prime-Time!

Click here to learn all about HBO's TV series called "K Street"In an attempt to portray technical reality and the importance of audio surveillance countermeasures, NoiseBath  technology was recently selected to be featured on the groundbreaking television series "K Street", aired on HBO, produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh.

Creative Ideas and Innovative Solutions, Technology That Works...


Securing your conferences, meetings and office space against acoustic and electronic surveillance keeps your discussions private.  Below are some of our products utilizing NoiseBath technology.


NOISEBATH  4000 Series

NOISEBATH  5000 Series


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